Party Essentials: Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe Roundup

When I think about Valentine’s Day the first thing that comes to mind is a romantic date for two. Now don’t get me wrong… Celebrating with your favorite girlfriends is just as festive! So whether it’s a fun moment at home with your honey before you go out, or a night laughing watching chick flicks with your girlfriends, here are some cocktails to set the mood. TRUST me when I say that you’re going to have a hard time deciding which one of these concoctions to mix up this weekend! They’re all delicious!

Cotton Candy Cocktail via

1. Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail via
This cocktail recipe from combines my love for sweets and good old fashioned bubbly. How gorgeous is that presentation? I’m in love with these vintage champagne glasses. Just pour your favorite champagne over the sweet cotton candy and you have yourself the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail!

Strawberries and Champagne Margarita via Pizzazzerie

2. Strawberries and Champagne Margarita via Pizzazzerie
This next cocktail from Pizzazzerie would pair seamlessly with a date night in. What could be better than a Mexican feast with a sip of this strawberries and champagne margarita? My mouth is watering already. Pass the chips and salsa please!

Watermelon Moscow Mule via Dulcet Creative

3. Watermelon Moscow Mule via Dulcet Creative
Moscow Mules are one of my favorite cocktails, and this one from Dulcet Creative looks both festive and refreshing! Anything with watermelon is fine by me and I love how this cocktail is garnished with a tiny slice of heaven. Plus, it’s another use for these trendy copper mugs that everyone is buying! I got two sets as Christmas gifts!

Chocolate Martini via Garnish With Lemon

4. Chocolate Martini via Garnish With Lemon
Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a bit of chocolate! As far as cocktails go, you can’t go wrong with a traditional and delicious chocolate martini. It’s like having your dessert FIRST! What more can a girl want??? Well, as a drink! Here is one from Garnish With Lemon and it’s the perfect Valentine’s Day addition, chocolate and a cocktail in one.

Raspberry Champagne Float via Celebrations At Home

5. Raspberry Champagne Float via Celebrations At Home
Talk about pretty in pink! This raspberry champagne float from Celebrations At Home uses just two ingredients (plus you can substitute the raspberry sherbet for your favorite flavor!). It’s like an adult version of an old fashioned float.

Do you have a signature drink that you love to sip on?

Let me know your favorite drink recipes in the comments!