Party Essentials: Fourth of July Drinks and Snacks

One of the BEST days during the summer has to be the Fourth of July! I love having family and friends over while we eat, drink and laugh! I also love that it goes all day, then into the night with sparklers and fireworks! So, you have to have a TON of food and drinks for everyone. I like to do it in stages: finger foods, lunch, more finger foods, dinner, then dessert. Of course LOTS of drinks all day long! I make a few(for an added personal touch) and also have a drink station for people to help themselves. This year, we are in Cincinnati, OH and I am excited to try ALL new recipes! Hopefully they will become Lachey staples for future BBQ’s!! One of the biggest highlights of the Fourth of July each year has to be all of the delicious summer beverages and finger foods…yum. So I hope you enjoy these!

I thought it would be fun to share some red, white, and blue Fourth of July snacks and drinks! There’s something for everyone on this list and these snacks are a perfect warm up to the main course. It’s time to dig in!

Buffalo Puppies via Food Network

buffalo puppies

These mini hot dogs are the perfect hit for kids AND adults! I will just omit the hot sauce on some for the kiddos. I normally am not a blue cheese fan, but I like that this melts it into a blend with other ingredients! And I am going to use King Hawaiian bread rolls. Camdem’s favorite! They’re easy to make and even easier to pop in your mouth for a quick snack.

Blueberries Gone Wild via Food & Wine

blueberries gone wild

Now here’s a cocktail that is a guaranteed hit! Plus, it looks festive. I know it’s a little more work, but I promise it’s totally worth it! This drink is made with healthier alternatives than the average cocktail and is incredibly YUMMY!

Watermelon, Feta, and Arugula Salad via Bon Appetit

watermelon feta arugula salad

I had to throw a salad into the mix, especially because this one is made with fresh watermelon! Snacking on watermelon is a summer essential and I love how this recipe incorporates it into a salad. I love arugula, I love watermelon and I like adding feta to dishes, so I think this may be a unique hit!

Blueberry Coconut Sparkler via Spiced

Blueberry Coconut Sparkler

Another patriotic and delicious cocktail recipe… I was hooked at coconut (and coconut rum) to be honest, but this drink is the perfect blend of tropical and fruity flavors!

Grilled Mexican Corn via HGTV

grilled mexican corn

No Fourth of July celebration is complete with out corn on the cob. Just thinking about this recipe is making my mouth water! I’m excited to change up my usual recipe and add some kick, so this Mexican corn recipe is PERFECT.

Red, White and Blue Shakes via Better Homes and Gardens

red, white & blue shakes

Here’s a drink that parents and kiddos can both enjoy… Save them for dessert or whip them up as a cool snack, these red, white and blue milkshakes are to die for.

Moscow Mule via Roam & Home

moscow mule

And now the drink that got me started on my current Fourth of July cooking/mixology kick: The Moscow Mule! I know it’s a little random for the holiday, but it’s just such a refreshing summer drink! I whipped this one up per Nick’s request, and it turned out pretty yummy! I used a little more lime juice than the recipe calls for and a LOT more ginger beer (about half a bottle per drink). That way I can get two drinks from one beer bottle. And I used a lot of ice to make for a perfect poolside drink!

What are you favorite Fourth of July recipes?

I’d love to hear what you’ll be serving this holiday weekend in the comments!



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