The Family is on Katie Couric!

Today I am very excited for you ALL to see my family on Katie! Yup, me and my boys went to NYC to film Katie Couric’s show. I got to be co-host for her “April Showers” episode and it was so much fun. The WHOLE (literally) audience was full of pregnant women! 150 pregnant women! One even went into labor as soon as the show was over. They had 5 EMTs on set ready to go! Nick was there to perform a song from his new lullaby album, and Katie wanted to meet Cam, so we brought him out to say hi! Seeing my husband sing to our son while he was sitting on Katie’s lap was such a beautiful moment. Definitely one I took in that made me realize life is good, and I am very thankful and grateful. So, since the show airs today (check your local listing for times), I thought I would share some behind the scenes pics with you!


Here we are in my dressing room. I was so excited to meet Katie. My friends in NYC with babies even came to hang, so Camden could play while I was taping.


Finishing touches with my two favorite glam girls, Elisa Tallerico & Betsy Reyes. They used to work on me EVERY day when I was in New York working for TRL on MTV and Entertainment Tonight. I miss them when I leave the city.


We decided to do a fun, side-swept braid. I wanted my hair out of my face, and I wanted something fresh and spring-like (to go with my Stella McCartney dress). The key is back combing the crown so the braid has a place to be secured and even out the look.


I got to sign the Wall of Fame!


Then Nick signed right under my name.


After we filmed I wanted to give Katie the BIGGEST hug! She is genuinely one of the nicest, most sincere women I have ever met. She is just as beautiful on the inside as out, and I am honored we got to share the experience of being on her show as a family.




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