Party Essentials: Drink Stations

cute drink station sign

Okay, so with all this talk about Baby and Wedding Showers, I wanted to share one of my newest party obsessions: Drink Stations (or Beverage Buffets, if you like that better)!  These stations are similar to your usual food and dessert tables… It’s just more of a fun and unique way for displaying your drinks.  They also add another creative and interactive aspect to your party décor.  You can do anything from a “Build Your Own Beverage Buffet” to a lemonade stand to a milkshake bar.  To give you an idea of how these amazing drink stations look, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite ideas from Pinterest (another new obsession of mine) to share with you.  Take a look at the slide show below!

Which idea is your favorite? Do you think you’ll try creating a drink station at your next party or shower? Let me know in the comments below!



Photo: Pinterest