Gift Guide: For a Baby Shower

Whether you’re starting to put together a registry for yourself or your deciding what to get for someone else, there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to picking gifts for a baby shower.  However, there are certain things to keep in mind.  As a mama-to-be, it’s important to know what’s “appropriate” to ask for and from who, and as a friend or family member of an expecting mom, it’s helpful to know what gifts are most needed.  So, I wanted to help you out with this baby shower gift guide and bits of inspiration:


What Expecting Parents Should Buy for Themselves:  These are the bare essentials that are necessary to have on hand before you welcome baby to the world!  Usually these items are more personal, like a breast pump, diaper creams or formula.   A helpful hint, though: Don’t stock up too much on formula or creams, as you won’t know which ones both you and your baby will prefer.


What Family Members Can Buy: These “bigger” items are a great way for the family to start spoiling the newest addition to the clan.


What Friends Can Buy: Friends will typically buy things that are useful and/or stylish…Basically, the things that are likely to get a positive response from the crowd at a baby shower.  You know, the gadgets and gizmos you would never buy for yourself, but they’re cool to have on hand! Thank your friends for those ones!

I hope this helps you out! Remember, this is just meant to be a guide or nudge in the right direction. I know it can be overwhelming, but trying to compete certain tasks before the baby’s arrival will make life so much easier. Complete your registry as soon as you can, because once family and friends find out you are pregnant, they will be excited to buy for baby! This way, you will get the things you “NEED.” Have fun!

Which gift is your favorite to give? And which one would you most want to receive?

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