A Note from Vanessa: April Showers & Flowers


Happy April, Everyone!! Wow, was it just me, or did March fly by??  I cannot believe it’s already April, and we are officially in the full swing of spring!  Well, going along with the classic saying, April showers bring May flowers, I decided to make this month’s theme:

Showers & Flowers

Not only is April a month of rainy days, but it also tends to be a big month for all different types of showers: wedding showers, bridal showers & baby showers…oh my! Haha.  Actually, I happen to be planning a baby shower in April for a girlfriend of mine, so I figured it would be great to incorporate that experience and all my planning into my blogs this month!! Part of all those showers (including rain showers) is the welcoming of new, gorgeous flowers.  As spring continues to blossom, so do all those beautiful bouquets, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite flower décor, DIYs and inspiration with all of you! With the theme of Showers & Flowers, you can expect to see anything from what to wear to a wedding shower, to the meaning of your favorite bouquet, to great springtime recipes for both warm and rainy days!

I also want to see each of YOU get involved, too.  That’s why I’m starting a new #trend!  As you come across any experiences with “showers and flowers” this month, share them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hash-tag:


and make sure to tag my handle @VanessaLachey. I’ll be checking them all month long and sharing some of my favorites right here on VanessaLachey.com!

Can’t wait to see what you all have in stock this month!

Also, make sure to let me know… What would you like to read this month??



Photo: Flickr