Spring Clean Your Makeup: Out with the Old!

Ever wondered about using that red lipstick you finally found after a couple years, smooshed in between the cushions of your couch? Or what about the old concealer you use out of desperation a couple times a year when you cant get to the mall to buy the one you normally use? Well, I hate to break it to you, but just because your makeup doesn’t come with a “sell by” date, doesn’t mean it can’t expire.  If you want to make sure you’re keeping your skin, eyes and lips healthy, here’s a breakdown of when to toss those old products

When does makeup expire?

One more thing, organic and natural cosmetics may have an even shorter shelf life!  I know it may seem unrealistic to keep track of when you bought makeup and when it expires, and even worse is the thought of throwing out an expensive product you bought only a few months ago…but the harsh reality is simple: Expired makeup is bad for your health.  It can harvest bacteria, cause infections and damage your skin.  Staying a bit more aware will be much more worth it in the end!

So if you’re planning on getting some spring-cleaning in this season, make sure you invest some time in your makeup bag and use this guide to help you out!

What products were you most surprised about?  I couldn’t believe how short of a shelf life lipstick has!!


Source: Daily Glow
Images: Mascara: Covergirl, Blush: SK-II via Ebay, Nail polish: Covergirl, Lipstick: Covergirl, Foundation: Olay via Drugstore.com, Eyeliner: Covergirl via I’m a Beauty Geek