A Note from Vanessa: Spring into Happiness in March


Hey everyone!  After seeing how much you all liked the Love-centric posts in February, I’ve decided I’m going to try making themes for each month based upon the time of year, topics you ask me to talk about and ideas you’ve posted in the Forum. At the beginning of each month,  I’ll send out a Note from Vanessa to explain them all…hence today’s letter!

So without further ado…March is a time when the seasons begin changing and the weather gets a little warmer, which in turn helps us be a little “warmer” too! Therefore, I’ve decided to make this month’s theme Spring into Happiness.  From posts about how to work off the baby weight to this season’s beauty must-haves, I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on styles and trends (for babies,too!), Spring cleaning, healthy eating and a little inspiration on how to boost your happiness.  I hope you’re all as excited as I am! YOU are what inspires me! So keep reading, keep sharing… and I hope you keep finding some happiness while you’re here with me!

If you have any ideas for posts you’d like to see this month, make sure you share them in the comments below!