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Spring has OFFICIALLY sprung!  I love the warmer weather and the blooming flowers… and I can honestly say I actually have come to like the overwhelming temptation to do some major cleaning, too.  With spring in the air, it’s time to store away all your cold-weather clothes, take down the winter décor, bring out the pastels and florals and get rid of old stuff to make room for new additions!  In celebration of changing seasons, I’m giving away some must-have, high-performing spring-cleaning products (woah! that’s a lot of words to say in one breath!)… But first, here are a couple quick tips I wanted to share to help you with your own spring overhaul.

1. Renovate Your Closet with Boxes: Going through your closet can take several hours, so make sure you set an afternoon aside for this task.  Store away old winter clothes in boxes with lids that snap shut to ensure nothing strange gets in there (FYI, rolling your clothes saves a lot more space than folding them!).  The other boxes should be labeled: trash, donate and/or giveaway.  The pieces that are worn and torn should go, but donate or giveaway the clothes you just don’t wear anymore.  I LOVE having my girls over on a weekend afternoon where we hang out, have great conversation, a glass of wine, and go thru my closet. It’s a great way to catch up and declutter. Plus, they get that cute top or dress they have been eyeing all year, haha! However, I’m NOT looking forward to parting with my maternity pants…They got me through the first few month after Cam was born. I will miss the forgiving elastic waste!

2. Organize that Eye-Sore of a Media Center: Often times your media center ends up in a tangle of cords, remotes, DVDs and whatever else you’ve accidentally put there… Take time to go through it all and organize what should and should not be there.  For the stuff that stays, consolidate them into color-coded boxes or baskets. DVDs in the red box, cords in the green box, remotes in the orange box… You get the picture!! This ensures that every little “thing” has a home, and it’s easier to keep it that way.  I also love to take it a step further and tie the cords together with either a rubber band, twist tie, or zip tie. Anything to keep it nice and neat in the box.

3. Garage, Attic, Basement & Storage Closet—Re-gift, Throw out, Donate or Giveaway: Similar to your closet, these are 4 key phrases to remember while going through your “storage” areas.  You’ll find stuff you never opened, stuff that was only used a couple times and stuff that can never be used again.  Sort them into different piles and keep them or ship them off accordingly! This one takes time. So, have patience, and know that once it’s done, you will feel 100% BETTER!

4. Laundry Room Revamp:  Let’s face it, laundry sucks.  It’s one of the more annoying tasks when it comes to cleaning, but there are ways to make it less burdensome.  Get stackable baskets and label them by colors, whites and darks.  This is a full-proof system to ensure NOTHING ends up piled on the floor.  Attach wall mounts for letting clothes dry (or door hooks work well, too!). I also like to go thru my cleaning products and get rid of things I don’t need or use anymore, and stock up on innovative products! I am obsessed with Downy Infusions™ Honey Flower Fabric Softener and Downy Shimmer Unstopables! It’s the perfect scent for Spring!!! (I’ll give some away for you to try! See below.)

5. Scrub those Floors: I know we usually do a quick sweep of our floors to get them clean(ish), but its really important to get in there and scrub them thoroughly every now and again… especially in the kitchen and bathroom.  Food, oil, dirt and whatever else easily builds up on the kitchen floor, while hair, toothpaste, styling gels, makeup and dust tends to find their way to our bathroom floor.  Cleaning this up will instantly freshen the air and prevent you and your family from dragging the grime throughout the rest of the house (like your bedroom… yuck!).  In other words, a clean floor is a happy home.  Now that Cam is a scootin’ machine, I am overly obsessed with my floors! And I like to know they are CLEAN so I use my Swiffer® WetJet® Extra Power Pad with the scrubbing power of Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser. I like this because it lets me do the cleaning easily (without getting on my hands and knees) and effectively since it has the scrubber AND Swiffer® WetJet® Extra Power Pad with the scrubbing power of Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser cleaning in one! Which means more time with the fam and less time fiddling with buckets and dirty sponges! Besides, I’m lucky to get a few minutes here and there while he’s napping…so I need to be quick!

Now, I wanted to give away something that can help you all out with some of these spring-cleaning tasks.  So I figured, why not help with the more daunting ones?!…Laundry & floors.  What you need for these two tasks is something to help you get the job done right the first time!

That’s why I’m giving away 10 Swiffer® WetJet® Extra Power Pad with the scrubbing power of Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser with 10 Tide & Downy packages – thanks to Have You Tried This Yet? from P&G!


These are innovative products that are sure to improve your everyday life… trust me!

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Have you tried this yet?! Good luck and happy cleaning!!


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Images: Giveaway Products: Proctor & Gamble