Haute Mama: My Top 5 Spring 2013 Fashion & Beauty Buys

The seasons are a’ changin’!  And you know what that means… Our fashion sense is in for a change up, too!  That’s why I’m giving you a little inspiration on the trends to come this spring.  Here are my top 5 must-haves as the weather gets a little warmer:


  1. Florals & Pastels: I already told you about my love for patterned pants, but florals are taking over everything else, too.   From blouses to shoes, you can’t go wrong by adding some flower power to your closet.  The other trend I love is pastel color blocking, as seen in the picture above.  Add some soft hues with a floral pattern to your style for an instant spring step up! (Fun note: Did you know that wearing something colorful can actually help improve your mood?!)
  2. White & Black: As weird as it may sound, black is now a spring color… Not alone, though! Color blocking white and black was all over the Spring 2013 runway and is about to hit the streets next season.  I love the look of color-blocked dresses, and the combo of white & black blouses (see above).
  3. Two-Toned Nails: We’ve seen it all over Pinterest, two-toned nails and bi-colored manicures are all the rage right now.  Mix and match your colors and you can’t go wrong! Maybe even try a white & black design to match the fashion trend?! To get gorgeous two-toned nails like the ones in the photo above, click here to check out this Reverse Half-Moon Mani tutorial!
  4. Center-Stage Lips: Eyes have taken a back seat , putting lips in the limelight.  Darker reds and plums were in for winter & fall, but spring is calling for hot pinks and signature reds.  Match this trend with soft makeup, and you’ve got spring written all over your face (literally)!
  5. Pointed-Toe Flats: As a mama, wife and working woman…I’m always on the run! If you’re in the same boat as me, you need some cute & comfy shoes to help you take on the world.  That’s why I’m currently craving pointed-toe flats… Yup! This 90s trend is back in full force, and I’m loving it! They’re an easy, go-to staple to turn an ordinary outfit into a fashion statement!

Hope this helps you if you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe come spring!

Now you have to tell me, what trend are you looking forward to next season? Which of these trends would you most likely wear?

Shoot me some comments! Can’t wait to read them!

Xx, Vanessa

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Photos: Dress: Net-a-porter, Black&White: Forbes, Lips: Vogue, Flats: ChicNova , Nails: Popsugar