Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression


Several of you have asked about the difference between Baby Blues (what I had after having Cam) and Postpartum Depression.  I wanted to give you all a couple key pieces of information to clarify the two:

Baby Blues

  • 70-80% of new moms are affected by Baby Blues due to roller-coaster hormone levels, little sleep and dealing with an adorable, yet helpless little baby…all the while still recovering from labor.
  • Baby blues only last a couple weeks after giving birth
  • Symptoms include: weepiness, irritability and feelings of being overwhelmed and/or scared

Postpartum Depression

  • PPD affects 10-20% of women, whom have usually had a personal or family history of depression (including PPD)
  • Postpartum depression lasts much longer than a few weeks with much more intense emotions
  • Symptoms include: inability or lack of desire to take care of yourself and/or your baby, eating problems, extreme fatigue, memory problems, persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness and helplessness, insomnia, memory problems and feelings of panic.

For more information, read this article on What to Expect. It really clarifies the two and differentiates the symptoms between Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression, how to deal with both and when to seek help.

Hope this helps you all a little bit.  Let me know your thoughts below.