Steal My Style: Valentine’s Date Night Outfit

For Valentines Day, I feel like you can be cute and appropriate, but still come across as the sexy and alluring woman you are.  I like to take the more subtle approach…and I bet your man would agree.  There are few husbands or boyfriends out there who want their woman to dress scantily when headed out for a nice dinner and date night.  That’s why there are songs about it. Ludacris said it best (in Usher’s song Yeah!): “I want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed!” Hahahahaha. Okay, I know that’s a silly example, but hey! It’s TRUE! A guy wants to be able to take his sweet and innocent girl home to mom, but know that his agent provocateur is waiting to get him alone. So for this post, I decided I would suggest some fun fashion ideas for dinner… and hopefully inspire YOU to use your imagination about what to wear for dessert! 😉


THE DRESS: I Love Lace. It’s timeless, beautiful, and very feminine. I was wearing a black lace dress when Nick proposed to me, and god willing, I can squeeze back into it for one of our anniversaries. It will never go out of style.

THE STYLE: Find something with some sex appeal. I love sheer accents on a dress because they give your man a “peak” at your beautiful body, but still maintain the secret to your seduction by keeping everything else in place. Add a plunging neckline and your man will be drooling!  This is one of my favorite looks because it allows you to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

THE SHOES: I think a sexy red dress calls for even sexier shoes.  Rule #1 in creating some sex appeal is by adding a pair of hot heels.  The way they accent a woman’s figure and add that little bit of confidence to her walk drives men wild.  For this particular outfit, I like a black or gold strappy pump. Or you can’t go wrong with ye ole faithful: the always perfect nude stiletto!

: Lastly, I am all about gold accents this Valentines Day. Whether it’s a cuff, belt, ring or clutch, a gold piece will be sure to pop with any outfit.

Whatever you decide to wear on Valentine’s Day, just make sure you have fun! And remember, you are most Beautiful when you are CONFIDENT! So find something you love that you feel comfortable and confident wearing… And then go rock the HECK outta it on the 14th! Your man will love the confidence!

Now, I wanna hear some of the outfits ya’ll are planning to wear?! Share with me in the comments!

Xx Vanessa


Photo Sources: Lace Strapless Dress: Net-a-Porter, Belted Stretch-Crepe Dress: Net-a-Porter, Lace & Mesh Dress: Net-a-Porter, Shoes: Nordstrom, Clutch: 1st Dibs