My Best and Worst Valentine’s Day Experiences

My Best and Worst Valentine's Day Experiences

Since Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, I thought I’d share a couple personal stories… Because who doesn’t have some good stories from this holiday throughout the years!

My Worst Valentine’s Day
I recently was going through old boxes of stuff, and I came across my diaries from when I was younger. Apparently, when I was in 4th grade, I wanted Garfield Valentine’s Day cards. And as you moms know…when kids get their heart set on something, they are SET on it, and there is NO changing their minds! My step mom went to the store, and when she came back empty handed, I was thoroughly disappointed.  She said all they had left were Mickey Mouse valentines, so she decided not to get any at all. I was devastated! I wrote in my diary about how sad I was, that she didn’t understand me, and how my whole Valentine’s Day was ruined (haha… a little dramatic, right?!). And at the end of the entry I added, “Well, now I have to go and make my own cards, wish me luck!” Hahahaahaha! Hmm, I wonder how they turned out? Maybe my creativity and desire to DIY started then. What are kids into nowadays for Valentines Day? Do they still pass them out? (I loved the ones with candy in them!)

My Best Valentine’s Day
I have been with Nick for almost 7 years now. And honestly, without sounding super cheesy, every Valentine’s Day we’ve spent together has been amazing. I guess you can say that’s why I married the man. He’s definitely a romantic, and even if he’s not… he fakes a good one on this special day, and I love him for it. One particular V-Day that stands out to me was a few years ago. He went into the studio, wrote a song, sang and recorded it, and put it on a disk for me. When I got home it was sitting next to my favorite flowers: Casa Blanca Lilies mixed in with Red Roses… a bouquet he made up himself, which added to the how special it was. I remember listening to the song and feeling so loved. I was bursting at the seams! It’s amazing how emotional a man can become through words and song. I LOVE that record and will always cherish it.

Okay, your turn!! Tell me some of your best and worst Valentine’s day stories! You can write them in comments below! 

Xx, Vanessa

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