Member Spotlight: Loving Yourself After a Mastectomy

Member Spotlight: Loving Yourself After a Mastectomy

I want to start this blog off today with a big THANK YOU! Thank You for all your support, kind words, stories and interest. YOU are what makes me excited to share every week. You are the ones who make me appreciate the position I am in to be able to connect with so many people around the world, and You are the individuals who inspire me! I read through as many comments and posts as I can every week, and I really, truly Love hearing what you all have to say… The good and the bad, all of your personal ups and downs because that’s life! Those are the moments that make us real. All of these experiences, strung together, create our whole being… How we choose to live that life is up to us.

Speaking of, I was reading through the Forum the other day, when I came across an amazing story that touched my heart.  Shelly Miller shared a video with me about a woman named Jill.  Shelly has no ties to Jill…other than one: they both survived breast cancer.  As I watched the video, it became clear to me why Shelly shared this story with me… Jill is a strong, beautiful, inspirational woman who loves herself.  I had to share the video with all of you, sticking to this month’s theme of love… Jill imparts a powerful message of love in her story: to inspire other women to love their bodies, whether they have any form of cancer or anything that has caused their body to look different than how society says it should look.  She is the epitome of strength and a mentor to all women.  I encourage you to watch and seek the enchanting message she shares as she revels in all her beautiful confidence:

Jill’s goal is to share her story in order to help educate women on early signs of breast cancer.

Thank you, Shelly for sharing this with me!  And I just have to say… You are all Beautiful in your own unique ways! I thank women like Jill who are brave enough to share their unique story with the world. The power of Love is something we can never explain, or find enough words to describe, but it will always drive us to bigger and better beings. Love your friends, Love your partner, Love your life, and most importantly, Love Yourself. I Love YOU.

Now, I want to know what you all love about yourself! Don’t be humble…Share with me in the comments below! Can’t wait to read them all.

Xx, Vanessa


Credit:  Images by Photographer Sue Bryce | Video by Filmmaker Hailey Bartholomew