Caption This: Baby-Doggie Stare Down

Hi Everyone! So before Cam was born, there was another little man in my life: my doggie, Wookie.  Now that Wookie has had to share some space in my heart for Cam, he’s had some adjusting to do.  I sense a little jealousy in my little pup sometimes, and I think Cam is catching on, too.  Case in point… The other day Cam was in his chair, sitting on the ground while Wookie lounged on the floor next to him.  I turned around for one second, and when I turned back to check on my two boys, I stepped right into this sticky situation…


I call it the “Baby-Doggie Stare Down.”  I was DYING over this picture I snagged in the midst of this tense moment.  So I decided I needed to share it with all of you… and turn this opportunity into a little competition.

The game is called Caption This.  You create the funniest and/or most clever caption you can think of and send it to me in the comments below.

I’ll look through all the comments and pick a few of my favorites.  Then, I’ll update the post with the winning captions and the names of those who created them right here on my site!  It’s a chance to show off your creative side and get a little competitive with it!



Haha. Everyone likes some good ol’ fashioned humor!! Thanks so much for making me giggle, Kimberly.  And thanks to everyone else for playing!! Keep an eye out for more Caption This contests to come!

Okay so here are today’s Caption This rules:

  1. Comment: Caption this picture of Cam and Wookie, and leave it in the comments below.
  2. Tweet: Send out a tweet of your caption (or a Facebook post) and tag me in it! For example: “Jealousy is in the air! @VanessaLachey. #CaptionThis.

Ready, set, GO!

Xx Vanessa