Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow Nick and I are celebrating our first Valentine’s Day as a family with Cam!  I can’t WAIT to shower my boys with love.   I wanted to share some ideas I had for making Baby’s 1st Valentine’s Day extra special…

For memories…


1. Customized Card: I think this little card is absolutely adorable.  You can pick your own phrase/saying and turn it into a keepsake.  I’m obsessed with this one that says, “Most Eligible Bachelor.” Yup, I’m a proud, cheesy Mama!


2. Foot Print Heart: You can either turn this into a card or do a framed version.  I think it would be so cute to frame it with colors that match your home and use it as a piece of décor filled with Love!  I would write a personal message or poem to frame with the prints… That way you can remember this feeling NOW as a new mom when they’re still so little.


3. Scrapbook Page: I don’t know if you’re into making scrapbooks for all your baby’s firsts, but I think it’s a great way to hold onto cherished memories.  A scrapbook page on Valentine’s Day is can capture all the Love.  I’m thinking of taking a bunch of pictures of Cam and turning them into a Valentine-themed collage for his scrapbook.

For fun…


4. Valentine’s Inspired Bath: I thought this is just a fun little thing for mommy and baby to do on V-Day!! You can use imitation rose petals from any craft or dollar store, rose scented essential oil, and foam hearts!  Your baby will love chasing the petals and playing with the shapes in the water.  In this blog, Mama used a couple drops of food coloring in the water to make it a pretty pinkish-red. (Note: She explained the coloring won’t stain the baby’s skin or the bath when used lightly). I think Cam is still a little young for this since he’s putting EVERYTHING in his mouth… But I think it’s a super cute idea for an older child!


5. Finger Painting Heart: This is another idea for an older child (again, with my luck, Cam would end up eating his hands right after the paint! Haha) Allow your toddler to dip their little digits in paint and rub it all over a piece of paper.  After painting, let the masterpiece dry and then cut it out into a heart shape with the date on the back.  You can either add this to your Scrapbook or turn it into a keepsake!

Do you have any other ideas for a baby’s first Valentine’s Day?  What crafts do you do with your little ones?
Share your ideas in the comments below!

Xx, Vanessa


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