Steal the Style: What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

The Lachey Super Bowl parties are always a hit… I mean, what’s better than football, friends and food?!   However, picking an outfit for one of these shindigs can become a bit daunting.  For me, I always try to look stylish and fresh, but still play up to the football theme.  I never want to look too dressed up, but I don’t want to look like I didn’t at least make an effort either.  So, here’s the fab football look I came up with…  4 staple items you can’t go wrong mixing and matching:


  1. Team T-Shirt: Show some support for the game by repping the 49ers or the Ravens. If you’re like me, and your man’s fave team didn’t make the cut, wear their colors instead. (Nick loves that I’ll rep the Bengals even when they aren’t playing in the Super Bowl).  Overall, any t-shirt that dresses the outfit down works well—it gives you the guys’-girl look that men adore.
  2. Skinny jeans: These are a must-have in your wardrobe. No explanation necessary.
  3. A casual blazer: I’m obsessed with my Navy J. Crew blazer whenever I need a casual jacket. Add it to this look to give your outfit dimension and still compliment your figure.  It will also add some warmth…After all, winter is in full force right now!
  4. Boots: You don’t want to wear heels because, as Nick told us in yesterday’s post, it’s a football game, not a fashion show.  And it’s not like you’re going out! You’re most likely hanging at home with close friends and family.  Boots give your style a chic touch in a nonchalant manner.

I love this look… It’s super simple, yet still so fresh.  My favorite part is that you don’t even have to go out and buy anything to get it!

What are you planning to wear on Sunday? I’d love to get your input, so shoot me some comments.

Xx Vanessa