From the Man Cave: 10 Rules Ladies Must Follow on Super Bowl Sunday


I’m a major sports fan, and with Super Bowl coming up on Sunday, I wanted to dedicate some posts to helping out the ladies getting ready for the big game!  I figured I’d start with Super Bowl 101: What NOT to do during the game.  I asked Nick for help on this one, to get a man’s perspective and provide some good insight for all my girls out there reading this. So, from Nick’s man cave… Here are his 10 rules to follow at your Super Bowl party this Sunday:

  1. Do NOT comment on the players’ uniforms.
  2. Do NOT hate on the cheerleaders.
  3. Do NOT comment on the cheerleaders’ uniforms.
  4. Do NOT try and diagnose what went wrong with the play…even if your dad was a football coach.
  5. Do NOT show up in a pink football jersey (So cliché! Haha).
  6. Do NOT talk trash FOR your date or significant other.
  7. Do NOT talk on your cellphone about the latest episode of Project Runway during the game.
  8. Do NOT talk about the football player(s) you’ve slept with/dated.
  9. Do NOT question or comment on the product Troy Polamalu and Clay Matthews use on their hair.
  10. NEVER ask if ANY of the food is fat free! It’s a football game, not a fashion show.

Ladies, which of these rules will be the hardest for you to follow?  Does your man have any he’d like to add?

Let me know in the comments below!

Xx Vanessa


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