Mommy Moments: Adventures in Motherhood


It is amazing how much time a little munchkin takes up. And when he’s not taking my time, I am either sleeping or eating, then sleeping again. They tell you how much sleep you lose, but they don’t tell you why!!! Now I know…. BREASTFEEDING! It literally is a 24-hour job! It’s unbelievable how often they eat, and for how long. Afterwards, you soothe your infant back to sleep after a diaper change and burping session. And then in just one blink, you have to wake baby up and start ALL over! But it’s true what they say, “It’s sooo worth it” when you look down and see their little face. Even when they smile that “I have gas” smile, I pretend Camden is smiling at me saying, “I Love you, Mom! And thanks for the grub! I know it’s hard work.”

What was the most surprising part about having a newborn for you? Were there any tips you overheard during pregnancy that you now really can understand?

Xx, Vanessa


Photo credit: Justin Coit