Hair Essentials: Easy Post-Pregnancy Hairstyles

Now that I have Camden John, my life has turned completely upside down – in the best possible way.  Suddenly, I have this beautiful little human to take care of and, let me tell you, my priorities have completely shifted over to my baby.  A lot of moms forget to also take care of themselves during this period, but I’m a firm believer that you can give all your love and energy to raising your baby but still look put-together and beautiful yourself! I know that you won’t have time to spend thirty minutes on your hair and make-up routine like you did before, but I’m a fan of natural beauty anyway (especially when you’re exuding that post-pregnancy glow!)  Instead, why not spend three to five minutes on a cute hairstyle?  These four styles are perfect post-pregnancy –they’re pretty, easy and most importantly, take under five minutes each!

WATERFALL BRAID:  This braid is beautiful and easy once you get the hang of it! If you already know how to French braid, this will be a breeze.


BRAIDED HEADBAND: Perfect for those with long hair, this is so straightforward and looks amazing after you’re done! And don’t worry, you don’t have to curl your hair in the beginning like she did – it will look fantastic with your hair’s natural texture too.


MESSY SIDE BRAID: Think of this braid as an inside-out French braid – instead of crossing your hairs over each other, just cross them under!


SIDE BUN: I love this for its cute simplicity – and it’ll keep your hair out of your face!


So, fellow new mommas, no more excuses! Shake out that messy mop on the top of you head, kiss your baby and start singing the ABC’s outloud while you try one of these easy hairstyles that’ll keep you looking good from one diaper change to the next.  What are your favorite easy up-dos? Will you try out any of these?

Xx, Vanessa


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