Throwback Thursday: The 2015 Lachey Family Holiday Card

Throwback Thursday: The 2015 Lachey Family Holiday Card
Happy Thursday-before-Christmas, everyone! As we come to the tail end of the holiday season, I cannot BELIEVE that another year has come and gone so quickly! Truly, where does the time go? The Lachey Family has had soooo many moments and memories this year, but most importantly, we have always tried to laugh and make the best of every situation. I believe that’s really one of the best ways to go about all of life’s challenges!

Throwback Thursday: The 2015 Lachey Family Holiday Card

I always get nostalgic for holidays past this time of year, and I like to look back at our old holiday cards. Remember when I shared our 2013 card and our 2014 card with you? Well today, I’m giving you a peek at what we sent to our family and friends last year. The first photo is the front of the card, showing us all dressed up and looking our best, wishing everyone a “perfect” Holiday Season. Then, when you open it…BAM life hits you in the face, haha! We had so much fun with this shoot. I remember throwing the toys all over the floor and Cam saying, “Oh no! Mommy, we made a mess!” Poor kid! It made me realize I need to ease up a bit on his toys. Needless to say, Brooklyn is a lot more easy going and doesn’t mind getting messy. Its fun what happens when you let the kids be kids in photo shoots. Some of my favorite cards from friends & family always have their kids just being kids. 😉 I can’t wait to see what we do next year with three of them running around!… and Wookie too of course! He seems to always steal the show. 😉

So here’s to always seeing the silver lining in every situation, because life is just too short. Have a wonderful holiday with your nearest and dearest, everyone!



Photos: Justine Ungaro
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  • Michelle

    Gorgeous photo!

  • Daisy

    I know what this year is gonna be, All kids pointing at, your belly with Santa drawn on it, something like that, cause you can not not include your third Kid in your Card. I wonder how its gonna look like this year. With your fantasie and higering a professional photogeapher. It should would work Out right? And Don t forget to give cam a proper head cut this year. I wonder how you are gonna name your New Kid. Have you come up with a name yet. Im sure there are many kids to follow cause you know how to keep your men Home right?

  • Daisy

    You always remove critical notes why? Are we Just aloud to say …..i Love it?

  • Daisy

    Mmmm we love your Picture on instagram when your kissing Nicolas scot lachey on the ground. And you know what we are all thinking….? Mmmm wish it was me tasteting his sweet Soft Lips!

  • Daan

    Remember your Picture shared last year? Everyone in Red pyama s? Why does Nick always have to wear what you want him too? Is it hè wakes up in the morning and ask, Honey what must i wear for you Today? Well here s to keep it real. Because if someone isnt for real its you! Youre always making a fuss about everything, hire a photographer for Just taking a Picture? Youre so hypocritical! Thats the Black Blood in you!

    • Libby S. Adams

      You’re an idiot! That’s the idiot blood in you!

    • Robin

      Speak English much? Sit down…

  • Daan

    Creating a fake perfect Life, everything you do you think it through. A thousand Times. Let me quess, everyone in Red pyama s at the Same Time, is your idear right? Here is to keep it real!!

  • Manon

    Camden is a City in England. Why your kids are all named after city’s???? Are you having trouble come up with a normal name, that you open a city map book?

  • melinda fallon

    I love it! Yes Vanessa, that is true we all dressed up for the occasion, why not? we can’t be in our pajamas all the time, we get to dress up to feel right, and most importantly to feel GOOD! I run a home business, and when I work at home, I have to change to work clothes! And to all other comments, from Manon, you can name your children or your pets whatever you like, it is nobody’s business. So if Vanessa and Nick named their kids from name of cities, it’s because it’s meaningful for them., AND IT IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. To Daan, life is a stage! What about yours. Go out and have some fun!!!

  • Jhon

    Is keeping IT real a mess? For you Vanessa? That is not real. OR you must be pigs. Your kids dont get a lot of pancakes. They look awfully Skinny. Are they the right weight for there age? Philipine kids are Skinny top nu nateral.

  • Melody Thompson

    Thank You, SO very much for sharing a bit of your life with us who always look for the silver lining in life, who always try to be kind & decent in this world, of unfortunately-sometimes, not-so-nice individuals. Vanessa, you’re absolutely beautiful (inside, as well as, out.) Your hubby is handsome as ever, and your three children are just adorable (pup too.) Sending positive thoughts, and well wishes! I, and my family, love following you guys. Kudos, for all of the FANTASTIC things you do, and for spreading your positivity, beauty, joy and love to not only my family, but the world as well. Hugs!