Proud Parents: Our Family Photo

Proud Parents: Our Family Photo


Love, The Lacheys

PS: Thank You ALL so much for the love and support you continue to give to me and my family. I am very appreciative and grateful! Let me know your thoughts on the website and what you’d like to see more of. Recipes? Party Ideas? Fashion? Mommy Ideas? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. X

Photos: Justin Coit
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  • Marie

    Aw! I love family moments like these! They are the sweetest! Thank you for sharing!

    Your website is one of my favorites!!! I love how you mix it up! I personally love new mommy ideas and recipes! I’m a mama to a 4 year old busy boy! Always looking for new family ideas and meals to cook! Any tips on how to balance everything? Career, family, yourself? I’ve been struggling with that, but you always seem to pull it off :) Or fitness/diet routines?

    Can’t wait to read your next post!

  • April

    What a beautiful picture! And what beautiful babies! Thanks for sharing.

  • Felicia Nevels

    Beautiful family!! Love your website.

  • Paula Pavlovich

    Beautiful family, love the site

  • Emily

    More Mommy ideas!!

  • pamela perez

    so cute love the family picture!!!!!

  • Christy Lisska Schlosser

    Love this pic. So cute. I want to know your ideas on it all. Keep posting pics.

  • heather jones

    Aww so precious I love your website and all your recipes!!

  • Kiki

    We finally get to see baby Brooklyn!!! She’s beautiful!!! Love this pic! ✨

    – Boston MA

    • VM

      Both kids look just like Vanessa (except for Nick’s coloring)! The Filipino genes really come through! How is parenting with Nick living on the East Coast while you are on the West?

  • Alioop

    Ty for allowing us to see a family pic with baby B

  • Christy Herd-Fulbright

    You all look so happy! Very blessed with a beautiful family! What I love about you, Miss Vanessa, is that you open up about the hard work and preparation you put in to giving your “best self” to build a wonderful future for your family. I love your site and find it inspirational. There is an authenticity about you, not the typical LaLaLand oh my life is perfect front. Many Blessings to you and your family. Oh and I LOVE your recipes and party pics! Shine on, girl <3

  • KimmieG

    I admire you and your beautiful family!
    Love your website and all your post! Maybe more recipes & Mommy ideas!!

  • Kimberley Jones-VanBelkum

    So much love & happiness ♡ Beautiful family

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful family! You bring back great family values that have been lost by so many that we read about. Please share all your ideas and family pics. You are doing a fine job!

    • Guest

      Vanessa was a party animal before kids! Acting high and mighty now doesn’t make her a prefect parent. She did not have a great relationship with her Mother so I wonder how she will be with Brooklyn.

  • Kasey Schimmoller

    Mommy ideas!

  • Mayra

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Love seeing a positive example of people who put family before fame. Great job, Nick & Vanessa <3 I'd love to see more recipes, dinner/party ideas, fun kid ideas/adventures, hair tips and tricks, and things about a natural lifestyle (beauty products, remedies, DIY, etc). Oh, and more pics of your precious baby girl! I have a 6 year old son and 2 year old daughter and it's the BEST of both worlds :-) XO

    • Brooke

      How do you know family comes first? Vanessa is back at work and Nick is doing another reality show and lives in NY. Vanessa posted this for her career and to get readers for her blog

      • Mayra

        I went back to work after my babies too. Doesn’t mean family is no longer #1 in someone’s life if they are a working parent. I know you can’t really tell how a person is based on images that they post on social media and blogs, but I think she is setting a positive example.

  • Jenn M

    Family IS everything ♡ Yours is beautiful. I enjoy seeing the family photos & am interested in your recipes and decorating ideas. God bless you & your family.

  • Robin VanGundy

    Love this photo. It totally expresses love, joy, and what a fun, happy family you four make. So incredibly happy for you and Nick. I’m always excited to hear about a new recipe. As a mom of a toddler anything quick and easy is best. How do you and Nick manage meal time with both Cam and Brooklyn? I like to wear my daughter when I can because then I at least know where she is and have both hands free. She loves being on my back around the house and when we’re out and about so it works out great. I’d also be curious to hear if you do any babywearing?

  • Lynne

    You have the perfect beautiful family. Don’t ever change. Our little ones rely on us as parents. How awesome is that?

  • Bebe

    Beautiful family! Love your dress! Where did you get it?

  • NayTayBabyG

    Adorable! What a beautiful memory! And that dress! You have to share where it came from??? Xo

  • Luce

    Beautiful family photo ! Family is definitely what life is all about ! I think your posts are different each time which is nice for us, I would love to see more of organising tips: how do you manage to have an organised house with 2 kids and a husband, without missing on spontaneous family moments ? How do you make your husband your priority as well ? Your recipes are great, easy and practical so keep ’em coming 😉 i would love some interior design posts like you did for Camden’s nursery and last but not least, you guys seem to throw the BEST parties EVER !!!!
    By the way I really did enjoy your post on the family christmas card where the scene is a mess and Camden’s crying and where you talked about “the perfect picture”. I have a 1 year old son and for every celebrations and holidays i’m doing my best to create the best memories and to amaze him like : christmas eve’s box or easter baskets filled with goodies, perfect pictures for perfect memories. And my husband says you know he won’t remember but I still do it and do it big time for the love and for when he gets older he’ll find that ( I hope )cute and we’ll have a good time looking at the pics. But i strive for perfection and sometimes i realise afterwards that for exemple he never even noticed nor did the adults around that the ribbons were not matching on his gifts or whatever details come to mind and that it drove me crazy because i’m a tad OCD when it comes to party planning lol so thank you I enjoyed the post of the perfectly imperfect family where LOVE is all that matters. How do you manage the party planning “stress” so you plan everything in advance ?
    Thank you for reading I always write to much 😉
    Xxx lots of love from France and I hope your tv show makes it !
    Ps: i love following you on instagram, mine is @luceh

    • Courtney

      Love the pic. Thank you for your website I love reading all of ur recipes and family stories etc. you are great. Would love to hear about some makeup staples u might have. Would love to hear ur thought if once u became a mom was it hard to not compare yourself with other mothers. I get so down sometimes if I doing the right thing with raising my son. Thank you! :)

  • Jill

    Recipes and fitness please!

  • Stephanie

    Gorgeous Family Photo !! Thank you for sharing it with all of us, the public, the media, etc.. I am so glad to see you back at your online blog and hope that you will share more recipes, fashion and beauty tips (including some of the products you consider go-to) :) Happy Reading !

  • Rachel


  • Lizzie Hirschberg


  • Michelle

    Perfect family portrait! I’d also like to read more about your fashion and fitness.

  • Michelle Poe

    Perfect family portrait! I’d like to read more on fashion and mind & body.

  • Rachel Spoor Dominguez

    Would love to hear more about Motherhood and Marriage! As a married mom of 2, I’m always looking to hear from other Mamas/Wives about how they keep their relationship fresh and their children happy!

  • natasha roca

    your new pix of a new famliy again your two children are so beautiful Congrats again being a new mother again

  • Cindy guthrie

    House tours, things you do with the babies , product reviews! Photos lol

  • Cedric Morano

    Creative blog post – I loved the points , Does anyone know if I would be able to get ahold of a sample DD 2208 document to fill in ?

  • Jenny

    Hi! I’d like to get your take on fashion at the race track. We have Preakness approaching in Baltimore, MD. I’m attending the Black Eyed Susan event on 20 May. I’m interested to hear if you have any suggestions/inspirations for fashion for the horse races. Thanks!