Proud Parents: Dear Cam & Brooklyn…

Proud Parents: Dear Cam & Brooklyn…

Nick and I have started a little tradition in our growing family, and today I’m going to tell you all about it. It’s pretty special to us…

Before Camden was born, we created an email account for him so that we could write emails to our future son. We would write to him while he was in my belly, about how we were SO excited to meet him, tell him how much we loved him, and describe what was happening in our lives at the time. When Nick would travel for work, it was a great opportunity for him to express his feelings about being a father and how excited he was to do father and son things. And, whenever I wanted to tell Cam something that was happening during the day, I would sit down and draft a sweet little letter, then send it off.

We loved doing this so much for Camden that we started an account for Brooklyn a few months ago, too! When our babies are old enough to log into the accounts and read our letters, we’re going to show them all of these emails. It will be something special they can cherish forever! I can’t wait for them to read their emails!

This is a great way for all expecting mamas out there to chat with your future little ones. It was a fun outlet for Nick and me, and I would highly recommend it to any expecting family.

Now that Camden is older and Brooklyn is here with us, these email addresses have been a great way to keep important memories organized. For example, I sent Camden the video of his first steps! It was on our birthday, November 9, 2013! Nick’s 40th! It was such a special moment. He went from one step here and there to walking around our whole kitchen!!! So, I sent Camden the video. I recently sent the video and pictures of him meeting Santa Claus this past Christmas. I sent it with a quick description of the day. It takes only a few minutes, and sometimes I think I’m writing down the silliest details, but I am so happy I did. I know it will be worth it to see him read it when he’s older.

For Brooklyn it has been amazing therapy for me. It forces me to slow down, take a beat, and tell her how special she is. I think this is important for me because I am so busy with Camden a lot of times that I miss out on those moments I was able to have with him when he was a newborn. A lot comes along with being the second child, but I am doing my best to make the experience for her and me as special as I can.

Do you have any unique traditions in your family?

I’d love to read all about them in the comments below!


Photos: Justin Coit
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  • Helen

    Vanessa, you should keep these moments private. You expose a lot of ‘personal” family stuff. Are you going to give out their emails hoping People Mag picks up on it and runs a story?

  • Daiana Perlato

    You just gave me the best idea!!! Thank you, Vanessa.. I love your family, I’m starting my, getting married in Brazil in July 4!!! That’d right, independence day for you guys.
    I love the email idea..
    Have a great day!!!!!

  • Luce

    It such a great idea and actually you gave it to me when you were pregnant whith Cam and writing in your journal. When I found out i was pregnant i immediatly bought a journal and started writing. I even wrote in it the day before i gave birth while i was waiting in my hospital room for the contractions to begin and all the excitment and questionning run through my mind. But i thought during the pregnancy and after, being so busy with my newborn that an email was much easier sometimes. so I created the email address and I’m so glad i did. How amazing to be able to share this with him later … Thank you ! You inspire me so much I love the way you love and cherish your family and i love when you share your tips :) xxx from France

  • Marie

    Hey Vanessa!

    Thanks for the idea. So sweet. I tried keeping up with my son’s baby book, but as you know life gets really busy and I forget all about it. He’s 4 years old now, so I guess I can start writing e-mails to him about his personality and the silly things he says and does to make us laugh. He’s the highlight of my day. Everyday.

  • Bosco Jacqueline Cote

    Parents of a lifetime award.

  • Sophia

    This idea came from the Gmail ad that went viral in 2011–give credit where it’s due! Plenty of parents have done this because of the Dear Sophie commercial. You both seem like amazing parents and your family is beautiful–so special for your children to have those memories.

  • Elysha

    Can please see pics of Brooklyn soon. I’m sure she is beautiful!

  • Teresa

    This is a FANTASTIC idea! So happy for you! Only one suggestion “i” have is to periodically PRINT OUT all these messages on to REAL paper as well as back it up on an external hard drive, memory stick or CD/DVD.. as a back up… Because in reality .. Besides each other .. These memories ate probally going to turn out to be your most valuable of all your possessions .. & quite honestly I don’t COMPLETELY trust technology .. & for many many reasons paper & hard copies printed out ,may one day be your best reference of record left … Wishing you all much love, happiness & many blessings… ALWAYS ~ ” T”

  • Teresa

    I saved all my child’s baby teeth as a tooth fairy in a little container.. My mother said ” throw those out, what the heck you doing ? saving those things for?” As usual I told her i don’t actually know why but, I wanted to keep them..inspite her objection…. So I did…. Flash Forward …as it turns out … That saving your. Child baby teeth containing their own stem cells can be used to treat & generate healthy cells for such things as Leukemia and various other diseases that would require a hard to find donor match in the future …so be a good tooth fairy like me & save those itty bitty teeth.. Just incase … As I told my own mother ” Why do you care as they take up no room at!”

  • Alioop

    Never heard anything like this. What a great idea. I wish I would have done this for my step daughters when they were little. So unique

  • Mrs.Lopez

    What a beautiful idea.

  • Yolanda Ferguson

    Love your site! I purchased calendar and wrote comments to my son on a daily basis. I also traced his hand and footprint in the calendar for each month. I was an easy commitment amom.and I can’the wait to show my son one day.

  • April Serio

    This is a brilliant idea….I’m so going to do this for both my kids…thanks for sharing Vanessa !

  • Jesika

    I’ve heard of doing this but I find it a little more bleh. No offense!! My mom had me back in the 90s before everyone was just all about emails and computers as we are now; well she bought this journal and filled it with the same things! Pictures, her feelings on being a mom, her feelings in general. What I love and cherish most about it is the time she put into it and most importantly, if she ever passes or if something happens where I’m unable to see or communicate with her one day, I’ll have her beautiful handwriting in a beautiful journal! So as a kid who had similar things, you should consider trying it too! I’ve been doing it for my son as well :)