Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

All of you mamas out there know that nesting is a real thing… and it’s serious!! Each time I’ve been pregnant, I absolutely could not wait to design my baby’s nurseries. We put a lot of time and thought into designing the perfect space for Cam. And when Brooklyn came along, we were able to reuse all the key furniture pieces, but make her space her own.

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

This past weekend was a big weekend for our firstborn… he got his big boy bed! Yes, we moved Camden into his big boy room months ago. To help with the transition, and also help mommy out since I was 9 months pregnant, we moved his crib upstairs into his big boy room, too. I did this knowing there would be a day that we would transition him into his big boy bed, and give Brooklyn the crib. We tried to do one transition at a time for Camden. First: new room; second: new family member; third: new bed. There are other tricks I used to help make the transition easier, like putting a blanket in his crib that I then moved into the bed so he had the familiarity. I gave him a choice of two blankets that I wouldn’t mind keeping in the new room, and let him choose between them so he could be a part of the process. He did great! Nick and I did it before his afternoon nap on Saturday, so we were awake and able to help with his transition. It took a little coaxing, a few tears, and ultimately a Kit Kat bribe (haha), but it worked! He LOVES his new bed. And then we moved Brooklyn into her crib with her new pink sheets. I had her in a Baby Letto mini crib for the first two months. It’s a perfect crib for a newborn, and extremely versatile. We were able to easily move it into different rooms. I can’t believe my little guy has his own big boy bed, and my little princess is in a full-size crib! Time flies! So, in honor of this transition being complete, I’d love to post about Cam’s old nursery! It was too beautiful and sweet not to share.

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

The design inspiration all started with a piece of cloth—literally!! I picked a tiny fabric sample that I loved—which became the crib sheets and changing pad cover—and then we designed everything else around that. Tiffany and Wendy from Layla Grace were the interior design masterminds behind the nursery. They helped make all my wishes come true and created what can only be described as a DREAM nursery for Camden!! It’s a truly fun, stylish, and cozy space. Check out a few more photos below…

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

This part of the room is my favorite part! It started as the feeding corner, and then turned into our story time corner as Camden got older. When I was breastfeeding Camden, he would stare up at the star light fixture and just smile. It made me so happy. So, I purchased two more star lights in different sizes and made it the central light in his new room. Now, a piece of the nursery is with him in his big boy room. The Oilo glider is my favorite piece in the whole room. I never thought I would get a white leather chair, but this chair is not only stylish, but it is so durable! It doesn’t stain or get dirty and it is so versatile. I am using it in Brooklyn’s nursery. It completely brightens up the room. The side table was custom painted to match the room. For Brooklyn, we painted it back to the original white. Now it’s covered with pink bunnies, girly books, and a picture of mama as a baby. These BlaBla dolls are so cute! They come in different sizes and so many fun, unique styles. I love them as gifts and think they are great because they can grow with the child. I think they are still cool even when your little one becomes a toddler. The carpet was Nick’s pick! I showed him four styles and he said, “that one,” so I said “DONE!” It was nice for Nick to have a say in the room because I kind of took over (haha!). I was surprised at his pick! I LOVE it! I never thought he’d go for it.

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

I am really proud of this built-in shelving unit. Originally this room was my office, but I gladly gave it up for my babies. Only the bottom part of this built-in was there originally, and I used it for storage. When we were transforming this room into the nursery, we brought a contractor in to add the two cabinets and shelves. It makes the room! The cabinet on the left is storage, and the cabinet on the right is a closet. Since baby clothes are so small, I was able to fit two rods in there. The back of the cabinet has tiny shelves for shoes. It’s perfect! We decided to accent the back wall in between the cabinets and the ceiling in a custom paint color to bring the whole room together. I chose this wallpaper because I knew we wanted more babies, and I wanted something that I could transition into another boy’s nursery, a girl’s nursery, or an office one day when they both have their big kid rooms. This wallpaper is GORGEOUS! Plus, it has an amazing texture to it. It really would make any room in any house! My friend recently got it in grey in her dining room and I love it.

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

Since the carpet is the “statement” piece of the room, we decided to have a simple drape. We went with plain linen drapes (lined with blackout shades for full light coverage) and trimmed with a sweet detailed wooden trim. I love the simplicity and functionality of the drapes. There’s a hand-pull rod (no strings), and it’s overlapping in the middle so there no light in the gap. I also had blind intakes to let light in but block direct sunlight. So we can open the curtains and leave the blinds down. It makes for great neutral light.

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

This crib is special. It was the hardest piece to get in the room, but totally worth it. I am in love with this crib. I specifically chose this color because I knew I wanted it to be versatile. I was also so glad that we were able to find an all-natural, organic, and eco-friendly crib mattress from Natural Mat!

This BlaBla Kids mobile is my favorite baby mobile I have ever seen! I am obsessed with the sweetness and softness of it! There are so many crazy plastic mobiles, but I wanted something simple and special. This IS it! I first saw it in the movie The Change Up and knew it would be the perfect addition to Cam’s nursery.

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

Nick and I always knew we were going to have more babies, so I purchased key pieces that I loved. Yes, I spent a little more money, but in the end probably saved by not having to furnish a new nursery. Also, I believe you get what you pay for and the quality of the pieces I am using for Brooklyn’s nursery is amazing! She now has Cam’s old crib, glider, ottoman, side table, and changing table. I love that!

We also had a beautiful glider from Baby Letto in our living room so I could nurse and snuggle outside of the nursery. It became the family and friends chair when people came over to visit and wanted to hold or feed Camden. We brought it out of storage for Brooklyn’s arrival. It’s a classic piece. We purchased the grey suede with white piping glider and ottoman.

My favorite part about this nursery is how serene and calming it is. We made a point to keep it this way. So, I keep all of Camden’s toys in the family room and outside on the side of the house. This way, the room is just for nap time and bedtime. We spend our time in here snuggling in the chair, reading stories while laughing before bedtime, or giving Eskimo kisses in between the crib bars. As Camden was growing from baby to toddler, keeping his play and sleep areas separate really helped me with his bedtime routine. He knew when we came in this room it was time to wind down and go to sleep.

Have you ever designed a nursery? What was your inspiration?

Stay tuned to see how we transformed the space for baby Brooklyn!


Photos: Layla Grayce
Crib: DucDuc Regency Crib in White and Feathered Grey | Crib Sheet & Changing Pad Cover: Annette Tatum (fabric discontinued) | Crib Mattress: Natural Mat The Coco Mat | Glider: Oilo Studio Cohen Glider in Faux White Leather with Custom Grey Contrast Welt | Side Table: Bungalow 5 Brigitte Light Blue Side Table in Custom Lacquer Paint Finish | Wallpaper: Phillip Jeffries Rivets Wallpaper in Silver on Japanese Paper Weave | Chandelier: Worlds Away Large Clear Star Chandelier | Wall Art (over rocker): Sugarboo Designs Remember When | Wall Art (over crib): Tina Crespo Salt Water Cure Art Print; Terry Fan The Whale Art Print; Zach Terrell Compass Art Print | Frames (over crib): Ikea Ribba Frame | Drapery: Custom | Carpet: Custom | Ceiling and Accent Wall Paint: Custom Color (Similar to Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper 1632) | Toy Truck: Moulin Roty Ride On Wagon | Metal Basket: Vintage | Stuffed Toys: BlaBla Kids |Stuffed Giraffe: Little Giraffe Plush Toy |Mini Crib: Baby Letto Origami Mini Crib in Gray (not pictured) | Second Glider: Baby Letto Nara Glider in Ecru (not pictured)
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  • ✨Tara✨

    Love hearing about all your ideas! I’m just in the process of putting together my 1st baby’s nursery together, so, all this information is really helpful!! Camden’s room was beautiful!! ❤️

    • Jenny

      It must be nice to pay with Nick’s wallet while you pick everything out!

  • Jessica Nutting

    I love it and can not wait for pics of Brooklyns

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    Its adorable! Im in love with Camdens room, had to design one for our baby girl after moving and i did it all on my own.
    My husband had no word in it what so ever!

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    what a gorgeous room…you did a fantastic job!!!

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    Beautiful room, hope to see pictures of Brooklyn soon.

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    Where is the baby mobile from?

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    Stop photo shopping Camden! All the photos you post of him are staged and ‘professional”.

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    I love this!!! You did a great job with Cam’s room. I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing. This is more of what I had in mind for when I was pregnant with my son, but couldn’t bring it together the way I wanted. So I decided on a really simple and easy theme to work with – baby safari animals. It was really tough transitioning his room from a nursery to a big boy room! I know it was tougher for me than it was for him. . .

  • Nadine

    Thank you for sharing these personal photos and insight into your home & style. Gorgeous nursery! Very serene and cosy. God bless :)
    Ps love the details, great inspiration for my little boys’ upcoming transition :)

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    It is so beautiful and so serene i bet he slept like a baby in this amazing and sweet environment. I recall you guys did another nursery for Camden in Cinci but more sporty like ! I am curious to see how you mixed the bright orange and black colors of the Bengals with a sweet and soft nursery feeling 😉 you have to make another post lol
    And thanks for the tips to help with the transition in the big boy room it’s just around the corner for my baby boy as time literally flies and i can’t do anything about it so thank you !
    Can’t wait to see how you transformed the room for Brooklyn !

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    Why you don’t show the newborn face? we all want to meet her, just saying.

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      Maybe she’s taking a clue from Kerry Washington and not using her daughter to get her jobs or some press like they did with Camden. I am just wondering why she needed to re-do Camden’s nursery when Nick purchased a big house so I’m sure they had other rooms to use for Brooklyn.

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