Throwback Thursday: The 2013 Lachey Family Holiday Card

 TBT Holiday Card 2

I love a #ThrowbackThursday as much as the next girl, and I have a pretty funny one to share with all of you today… A couple months ago I posted our 2014 Lachey family holiday card, which featured one of my favorite mama moments with Cam when baby Brooklyn was still in my belly.

As sweet as that card was, I just had to share our 2013 card with you. It still cracks me up to this day! Every year Nick and I send a Holiday card to our family and friends. 2013 was our first year attempting a family photoshoot with an active toddler and it was pure comedy! The pictures above are absolutely adorable, but it took work to get there, haha! The photo below is what was really going on behind-the-scenes, and we decided to make it the front of our holiday card:

  2013 Lachey Family Holiday Card

At the end of the day, you have to be able to laugh at your perfect imperfections. This moment will always be “our” holiday memory: Dad beyond frustrated, mom exhausted and wanting that perfect picture, kid sad about broken giant lollipop while having to sit still, and dog… well, Wookie was our first, and he still hasn’t gotten used to NOT being the only baby around. No matter what… this is my family, this is our life, and this is our love. I wouldn’t trade it in for the world! I’m already excited to see what shenanigans we can get into next year with Brooklyn and our amazing photographer who took this pic, Justine Ungaro.

Do you have any funny #TBT pics?

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Photos: Justin Ungaro
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  • Linda

    Thanks for keeping it real as hard as us mommies try to make things look picture perfect its not always the case!

  • Holly

    It’s super cute, but seems very staged.

    • Drew

      It does look staged (and airbrushed)! Camden looks a lot like Vanessa!

      • Laura Martin Griffin

        I so do not understand you people. Airbrushed?? The are just cute well-lit photos and this was freaking Christmas, not a photo contest.

    • NancyLasker

      How do you stage a crying baby..?? You just go with it and the picture is what it is…I think.

      • Jeni

        Nick and Vanessa’s face look “staged”. Obviously, a camera crew and hair/make up were there and they were all waiting for this “moment”. It doesn’t look like it just happened and everyone was in there spot

        • Laura Martin Griffin

          No one told you how many words you spelled wrong, why do you feel the need to be so picky about these photos? This is the weirdest thing I have seen all day, these comments. If I were the Lacheys, I would say “Hey, they don’t like them? We can happily stop sharing them!”

      • Laura Martin Griffin

        LOL exactly!

    • Lacie

      Hmm….aren’t all photos staged? I mean, normally people pose for pictures….soooo I don’t get what the fuss is about.

      • Laura Martin Griffin

        Oi…. not candid photos. I do agee, no fuss required.

    • Laura Martin Griffin

      Um….pardon? Someone probably came in, took a lot of photos (candid or “you sit here and you stand here” – I guess that is “staged? LOL) and Vanessa chose which ones to share. Why even say “super cute” if yu MUST follow it with the word “but”?? That word erases everything said or written before it.
      Two photos, a probably tired crying baby in one… just say “cute” if you think it is cute!

  • Marie

    So cute. Thanks for sharing. I always wanted to get the “perfect picture” but then realized sometimes the perfectly imperfect shot makes the best one. Happy to see you back online – I love reading your blogs about mamahood :)

  • Christy Herd-Fulbright

    Love it!! Little Camden is adorable and it perfectly depicts the spontaneous reactions of toddlerhood :) You have a beautiful family. Can’t wait to see lil Brooklyn. CONGRATULATIONS! !!!

    • Mama

      Nick is going to show Brooklyn on Morning Buzz to get some ratings. Have you seen Cristina A’s baby on People?? Most beautiful baby ever but looks photoshoped like Camden always is

  • Jessica Nutting

    that is priceless love it can’t wait for when Brooklyn is that age :)

    • Helen

      Why? Do you know her? That’s creepy!

  • Danielle

    So cute! Love those “remember when” moments. ❤️❤️

  • Cincy

    Vanessa, how’s the job situation going? Anything in the works besides the reality show? A little shocking Nick is doing another one. You would think he would try to protect his family being he always said NEVER to another show (even after his wedding on TLC) since he said it ruined his first marriage. Guess money talks! lol. How is it working out with him living in NY while you are in CA alone with the kids?

    • 1lambily

      Yeah and I thought they were moving to Cincinnati to be near Nick’s brother Drew. Yeah, I’d rather live in Cincinnati during the winter than LA…NOT. That’ll never happen.

      • Laura Martin Griffin

        You see to stalk these people just to be hateful. At least you didn’t call Vanessa the w word.

        Mrs Lachey, if I were you, I would not let people post here through Disqus. I use my FaceBook account and real name, but it is just too easy for people to hide behind fake names and be mean, and i hate that anyone has to deal with unkindness. :/

  • 1lambily

    Why would you let your kid squat on a coffee table? Not teaching him very good manners.

  • Tracey

    In the 1st pic where Camden has a weird grin on his face, he is funny looking! Kind of looks like a little monkey. He has Vanessa’s eyes (before makeup) and they just look off on her child

  • Lo

    Adorable pic Vanessa! Thanks for sharing!
    (Ignore the rude comments;)

  • AmylovesTim

    Oh the power of sitting alone at one’s computer and slinging negative comments. Bottom line…they are adorable pictures of a beautiful, loving family. You have been blessed!

    • Laura Martin Griffin

      Yes!! Thank you @AmylovesTim. I wish people would use their real names or whatever it is that makes people be so mean on-line would just stop. :( I could not be famous or even just in a news story these days, it would kill me. I lived through in-my-face bullying through years at the snootiest school until I finally got to change in 11th grade. My heart aches for everyone from kids to people who are in the public eye who are treated badly. This is spilling into real life behavior and that is truly scary. And YES, this is a lovely family and it is so kind of them to share their lives with us. <3

  • Gail

    Very good looking and entertaining family. Brings back a lot of old memories when my boys were that age. Some of the comments are rude and just down right jealous remarks. Ignore them. You have a beautiful family and you and Nick seem like excellent parents. I live in Kentucky and my husband & I, are planning to go to you & Nick’s new place. I heard the food is great. Can’t wait.

  • Lacie

    I think this picture is adorable! Congratulations to the both of you, not only on the new baby, but on the new bar. Can I also add that I am highly upset that “Dads” was cancelled?! What. Is. Life?! Whatever your next project is, I will be waiting with anticipation. In the meantime, enjoy those two babies! :)

  • Roni

    Hi Vanessa!

    First I wanted to say Congratulations on baby Brooklyn! What a wonderful gift it is to be a mother and to not only one, but two! You are blessed :)

    Also, wanted to say that I am SO HAPPY to see you back online! I LOVE reading your blogs on everything from food and fashion to mommy! I see you haven’t posted in a minute, but I completely understand. Being a mama is a full time job, but oh so rewarding. I know! My son keeps me very busy.

    Any advice on body after baby? Diet/Fitness tips?

    Anyways, thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to read your next entry…

  • Jeanette Wright

    All pucs are staged. This is a beautiful family just sharing some happy moments with us. Love you Lacheys!!!

  • Jeanette Wright

    Oops, *pics*

  • Jamie

    I absolutely love this!! Congrats to you all!

  • Laura Martin Griffin

    OK and now I can finally make my comment! These are super cute, and it is too funny that Nick seems to have said “Ah well!” and thrown back a beer. :) Perfect is boring, I say bring on the real and the imperfect, so much more fun! Thank you!!